To help you make the most of BeActive BeFit, I want to first share with you why we created the videos. 

Let’s start from the beginning... 

The Story Behind BeActive BeFit 

I built BeActive BeFit for over 50's and seniors who want to keep mov'n & groov'n

The kind of person who has always had a keen interest in personal health and will not stand by waiting for old age. Someone who will do whatever it takes to maintain independence. Period

I pretty much built BeActive BeFit for me. A recent retiree wanting to maintain an active lifestyle. With so much out there, it's hard to know where to start and what to trust.

I set out to discover what it takes and to share that with the rest of the world through our website and emails.
So in many ways BeActive BeFit is a reflection of my own discoveries as I keep active and fit.

A few years ago I started attending some fitness classes with a very bouncy lady called Peggy.
They are such fun and make me feel so good that I wanted to share them with the world...

There was a small hitch to my plan however, in that I am not an instructor, only a class member.
I had to go and talk sweetly to Peggy, and try to convince her that her talents needed a bigger audience!

Peggy is a trained instructor and has been teaching classes for over eight years and she really knows her stuff! She is passionate about getting people to enjoy exercising and to keep independent.

She made her exercises with that in mind all the time. You must believe me when I tell you she gets up at 5 a.m. to warm up and prepare before she takes her classes. Wow, That's dedication in my mind!

She is also a very cool person and fortunately  a teacher who cares about everyone.

What that means to you now, is that Peggy loved that her exercises could benefit many more people than she can reach through her local classes so with a little persuasion from her family and friends she kindly agreed to work with me and she developed a video version of her fabulous fitness exercises to share with everyone.

So now you too can join me and, more importantly Peggy, for some exciting. entertaining, exercising from the comfort of your own home (or somewhere nice with a few friends)

I could not be happier. I was the first one to sign up to get my home-based classes so I too can get some extra practice in on the days I don't go to my group class :D

A little BeFit a day lets you BeActive for longer!