Peggy's BeActive BeFit Program of exercises for over 50's, effectively gives your body an all over workout with an exciting routines set to music - A great a recipe for success!

As it can be intimidating to start a lesson when you're not sure what to expect Peggy, your instructor, has put together a few moves for you to to try out for a little home workout. Watch her feet and move along  :)


No.1 - The Side Step

1. Side Step

  1. Step to your right. 
  2. Bring left foot to join right foot
  3. Step to your right again. 
  4. Point left arm down towards left toes and click fingers. 
  5. Do the same now the other direction left foot first
  6. Use right hand to click

If you have arthritis you may not manage a click but that's fine :) Try to point your hand in the direction of your foot.


No. 2 - The Shuffle

2. The Shuffle

Not too dissimilar to the side step but move to the right first, then to the left.

  1. Clasp your hands palms down
  2. Move arms towards your feet  
  3. Step to the corner on your right foot. 
  4. Bring left foot to join right foot
  5. Tap with the back foot
  6. Repeat to the other corner
  7. Step back on your left foot
  8. Tap right foot in front. 
  9. Point both arms down towards left feet with fingers laced or one hand on top of the other. 
  10. Do the same again the other direction left foot first


No.3 - The Forward Clap

2. Forward Clap

Not too dissimilar to the side step but move to the right first, then to the left.

  1. Step forward right foot first for 3 steps
  2. lift left leg up and  clap hands
  3. Reverse 3 steps back lift bent right leg
  4. Clap hands. 
  5. Turn to your right corner and repeat
  6. Then turn your left corner and repeat again. 


And if you have time, don't forget to throw yourself a little dance party by joining them all together  :) 

Exercising can be a great for over 50’s particularly certain styles of exercise which can provide a low-impact workout more suited to our physical needs. Committing to a routine of physical activity is one of the healthiest decisions you can make. BeActive BeFit exercises are generally considered to be safe, however, it is best to consult with your physician before beginning any new exercise program. Please read our conditions, and disclaimers here: